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Combined Arms Planning Tool (CAPT) Testimonial


Extracts from the General Officer Endorsement of the CAPT for the Prestigious 2009 NTSA Award          Category: Training Systems


"The CAPT is a solution to a very specific training requirement ...  I saw this as not simply an essential tool for formal instruction with fires in consonance with maneuver, but a vital sustainment training tool in the operating forces.  My observation and assessment is CAPT exceeds my expectations.  Not only has it hit the mark ... but it has gone far beyond, allowing for not simply training, but great operational utility in combat operations as a planning and rehearsal tool.  Its constant improvements demonstrate not just incredible flexibility, but innovation from the designers.  I consider CAPT essential.  It is, at its core, the tool that enables us to develop understanding and proficiency in those core capabilities that make the Marine Corps the unique war fighting organization that it is.  In some ways - the ways of combined arms, CAPT is a reflection of the Marine Corps.”


 CAPT Summary Statistics from Training System Use at EWS from 2007-2009

   “...overall value the CAPT contributed to your   current fire support training?”

205 Responses from Captains Using the Training System at EWS 

  Choices        Quantity   Percentage    Cumulative

 Greatly              58          28.29%        28.29% 

Substantially     114          55.61%        83.90%

 Marginally          32          15.61%         99.51%

 Detracted           1           00.49%       100.00%

We believe these results significant since a large majority of the student captains completing the survey possessed operational experience in more than one fire support billet prior to their arrival at EWS.  Additionally, the time allocated to fire support instruction at EWS was reduced after introduction of the CAPT to augment instruction since the students achieved the school's performance standards quicker.